Lake Rules

If you have any questions about the rules at Teillatts please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

The aim of these rules is for your safety and for the welfare of our fish... please respect them.

✓ Great care to be taken of fish at all times
✓ No bait boats
✓ No sacking of fish at any time
✓ No permenant markers (inc pole markers)
✓ No plastic baits ( they keep on fishing even after cut offs)
✓ No Leaders of any kind e.g. Leadcore/Shock/Snag/Safezone/Braid
✓ No fixed leads
✓ Safety rigs only
✓ No particles, nuts or pellets unless supplied by Teillatts
✓ 3 rod limit
✓ Bailiff to be contacted in the event of capture of 60lb + carp
✓ Minimum 15lb mainline
✓ No fires

We provide cradles for the protection of our carp, you may bring your own nets and slings but ALL personal items MUST be dipped in our Disinfecting Tank on Arrival.

Please respect the above rules failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the complex.

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